Sizing Guide

It is important you wear a mastectomy bra that is exactly the right size for you. This guide will help you to measure your bra size correctly.

It’s easier with someone to assist!

Measurement A: Your Mastectomy Bra Size

With a bra on, measure around your body directly under the bustline. If the measurement is an odd number, add 5 inches. If it is even, add 4 inches. This is your bra size.

Measurement B: Your Cup Size

With a bra on, measure the fullest part of your breast from your breastbone across your nipple to the centre of your back, and double that measurement. Subtract the previous Measurement ‘A’ from this size. The resulting number equates to your cup size as follows:

  • 1 inch difference = A Cup
  • 2 inch difference = B Cup
  • 3 inch difference = C Cup
  • 4 inch difference = D Cup
  • 5 inch difference = DD Cup
  • 6 inch difference = E Cup
  • ….and so on


Problem: Band is too tight but the cup is okay.

Solution: Go up a band size and down a cup size, e.g. 38C – try 40B. This will give more room around the body but the same cup size.

Problem: The bra cup is wrinkling and puckering.

Solution: The cup is too big, try a smaller cup size.

Problem: The mastectomy bra rides up at the back.

Solution: The band size is too big. Go down a band size and up a cup size, e.g 40B – try 38C. This will tighten the band but give you the same cup size.

Problem: The bra twists to one side and breast is bulging over the cup.

Solution: The cup size is too small, keep the band size and go up a cup, e.g. 40B – try 40C.

Problem: Straps keep slipping off shoulder.

Solution: Tighten straps for a tighter fit. You may need to try a style with wider straps for more support.

Problem: Straps digging in shoulder.

Solution: Loosen straps. This could also mean the band is too big and the straps are taking the support instead of the under-band. Try going down a band and up a cup size, e.g. 40B – try 38C.


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